Used 1/2 Atr Reel To Reel Tape


This is a used reel of ATR tape.  The reel is an old Dictaphone reel but the tape itself is from 2009.  At my studio we use 1/2" tape along with Pro Tools to get different sounds.  This tape has a couple little iffy spots on it where you may notice something on a vocal or something but not on drums.  I mean small but annoying enough for the things we are doing that we just cycle in new tape.  This still has plenty of life left on it, and in fact if you were to slam drums to it, I bet you wouldn't even hear it.
feel free to ask any questions.   Again this is not on an ATR reel, but it is modern ATR tape from 2009 on an old Dictaphone reel.  In it's original all white box with dates on it and some writing.
Shipping in a plenty big box so it doesn't get squished.